The World Health Organization defines food security as ‘when all people at all times have access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food to maintain a healthy and active life’.

Currently, the world is producing more than enough food to feed its entire population, yet food security remains elusive with hunger especially in developing countries like Ghana.

We know that, countless tons of foods are wasted in Ghana and elsewhere through the supply chain from post harvest losses to manufacturing and retail spoilage, thereby directly threatening food security and often resulting in increased global food prices.

In many developing countries like Ghana, several people simply cannot afford to purchase enough food to sustain a healthy diet therefore, effective actions are required.

That’s why Feeding Ghana is here to help change the narrative.

With the accompanying growing demand for more food, many challenges need to be addressed concerning food sustainability.

Feeding Ghana believes that, collecting food and foodstuff to the hungry will help to reduce the situation in Ghana.

We are also determined to address challenges of post harvest losses, regulatory inconsistencies and consumer acceptance toward novel discoveries.

The objective of feeding Ghana is also to discuss the current challenges and/or opportunities in food/nutrition security and food sustainability.